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… chilli cookoff

the week we had a chilli cook off at work.  There were veggie chills, chocolately chills, garlic sausage one and traditional.  None of the tasted the same or even close! Since the cook off,  and the return of wintery weather  I’ve been craving a little con carne.  Then Saturday morning SL mentioned she was making […]

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… episode 3

This weeks recap is short and sweet. We are in San Fran, my favourite US city! The theme of the first one on one date was Fear Factor.  Ben and Emily have to climb the Bay Bridge.  Breathtaking … and panic inducing if you have a fear of heights which Emily does. She panics, Ben […]

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… dating tips from 1938

must remember to keep dignity …

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… this week

Back to work …  my first full 5 day week  since Dec 9.   What I know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, I am meant to be rich and not work. I wasn’t born into money, no silver spoon, I am not getting rich from working or my looks, so I must […]

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… episode 2

We are in Sonoma!  Wine, wine and more wine. Ben has invited all the ladies to his hometown right out of the gate.  Nice twist.  First one-on-one date goes to Kacie B. Their date starts in town centre, they play the piano, take things from the store without paying, then throw a parade in the […]

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… i need a nap

it’s my first day back to work after 2-weeks off … it’s painful almost as painful as my running.   I suck.  I ran both Saturday and Sunday .. whoop! For the distances I am doing it should be easy peasy … effortless

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… wash it down with wine

This woman is 51 yrs old She is TV health guru Gillian McKeith, advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and health,  and promoting exercise, a vegetarian diet which is high in organic fruits and vegetables. She recommends detox diets, colonic irrigation, and supplements.        This woman is also 51 She is Nigella Lawson… […]

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… the bachelor

The Bachelor is back!  For those of you not familiar with the shows concept, it’s a reality show about the quest for fame, I mean true love. I think the show has finally realized they have no chance what so ever of finding a love match that can last beyond 3 people magazine covers.  They […]

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… steak salad

Post-Christmas week calls for lots of salad.  Salads at home never taste as good as salads in a restaurant … many because someone else did all the work.  While I was in New Orleans last month I had a southwestern steak salad, it was so good (or maybe it was the bloody mary that washed […]

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… the green monster

I’ve seen and read about them all over the blogesphere.  The green monster smoothie (here’s a whole lot of info).  The star ingredient of the drink is spinach or kale.  Yes.  I or you are not still drunk from last night.  Apparently, when mixed with other delicious ingredients you can’t taste the green veggies.  I’ve […]

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