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… episode 6

by Ali on February 9, 2012

after episode 5, actually 12 minutes into episode 5 I had officially given up on the show.  I don’t even think I watched half of it.  So no recap.

This week I wasn’t going to watch at all.  Then 8pm came, bottle of vodka in hand, I decided to give it 15 minutes.  I wish I could tell you I turned it off, I didn’t.  This week’s show was a train wreck.  On the reality tv scale with one was an 8+.

I’m not doing a full recap, just my favourite and most awkward moments


Kacie B and Ben’s dinner conversation.

Standing on the sidelines waiting for your turn to use Ben as a stripper pole dance with Ben

The camera man in Courtney’s room during the wait

The whole Casey situation

The cry

The kissing lesson



Ben’s reaction to all things Courtney … or should I say little ben’s

The girls losing their shizz when Courtney went bikini less

Courtney prancing in the pool all alone while Ben talks to Jamie

Anything involving Chris Harrison

Jamie straddling Ben


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