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… somedays, coffee is the only reason I get out of bed

by Ali on February 6, 2012

Was I just talking about how I was going to post more often?   That’s funny.  Because … well I’m not.

So here’s a little recap

Last week ran 3 times and bootcamp 4 times.  I hurt.  My lower back feels like it is made of concrete.  I got a deep tissue massage on Friday, which helped, but my ass is now bruised.

Sunday morning met G for a run, which ended up being longer than normal to detour for a coffee.  I had $5 in my pocket, was tired and when I suggested we stop for coffee mid run G looked like he had won the lottery.

I love coffee.

I got a free 3 month membership to campus rec ages ago.  Actually so long ago, it’s taken me weeks to find the voucher.  I finally activated it so I could use the pool. A little paddle training  … one month til SURF CAMP!!!

Good times @ Swell Surf Camp from Swell Surf Camp on Vimeo.

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