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by Ali on January 29, 2012

earlier this month I met up with J and L for lunch at a new Peruvian restaurant Che.  It was fabulous!  I highly recommend and if you decide to try it, invite me …

J and I split the ceviche nikei (tuna in a tamarind leche de tigre, avocado, jicama,red onion yam )

this was incredible.  Have you ever seen the show on the Food Network, The Best Thing I Ever Ate?  Chefs describe in detail with lots of ohhh and ahhhs the best thing they ever ate.  We could have been on that show.  That’s all we kept saying with every bite.

Then I had the chupe soup (mussels, calamari, white fish and prawns, with rice, potatoes and egg in a cream aji Amarillo broth)

Seafood and soup, seriously one of my favourite combinations.

Both J and L had lomo salt ado (traditional Peruvian style stir-fry of sautéed beef sirloin, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic and soy sauce, with fried potatoes)

so good … they let me try some, or didn’t shoo my hand and fork away when it attacked their meal.

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