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by Ali on January 22, 2012

It has been a very bad running week.  House guests, snow storms, head cold, the usual excuses.

I had arranged to meet G this morning for a run, and no matter what I was going.  I awoke at 7am with a pounding headache, congestion and wanting nothing more than to stay in bed forever.  I got my coffee and crawled back into bed.  My eyelids felt like sandpaper.  Why is bed the coziest when you have to leave it?

I was meeting G at 8:30, I finally threw back the covers and got my ass out of bed at 8:12.

It was cold but sunny, and just as we were ready to start along came P and S, we did the first half of our run with them.  All the chatting and catching up interrupting my scheduled whining and complaining, and by the time we were half done, I was feeling somewhat human.

Reason 87 why I love running, when you feel better than when you started

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