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… episode 3

by Ali on January 18, 2012

This weeks recap is short and sweet. We are in San Fran, my favourite US city!

The theme of the first one on one date was Fear Factor.  Ben and Emily have to climb the Bay Bridge.  Breathtaking … and panic inducing if you have a fear of heights which Emily does. She panics, Ben comforts her, they make it to the top and fall madly in love.

What’s more interesting is how the got down from there.  Which they didn’t show, I’m guessing because they had to be air lifted out 🙂

On the Group Date, they close the street of San Fran, make snow and go skiing!  Obviously it’s too warm for a ski suit so everyone skis in their bikinis … priceless and would make a great beer commerical.


Every season I want this to happen and this season it finally does … someone leaves cause they ain’t feeling it!  Brittany says see ya and goes home to granny.

Since Brittany went bye bye, Lindzi (horse girl) gets the one on one.  They have a great date, go for ice cream, open city hall with your own set of keys and have a private concert … they play a little David Gray on the piano yourself.  (loving the David Gray album!)

Cocktail Party

The funeral director from Brad’s season shows up, shocking Ben and freezing death stares across the faces of the women.  If looks really could kill, the show would be over, except Chris Harrison, who is safely sitting at a bar somewhere.

A girl faints, another sobs, but three are sent packing including the funeral director

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