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… episode 2

by Ali on January 10, 2012

We are in Sonoma!  Wine, wine and more wine.

Ben has invited all the ladies to his hometown right out of the gate.  Nice twist.  First one-on-one date goes to Kacie B.

Their date starts in town centre, they play the piano, take things from the store without paying, then throw a parade in the street.  Family movie screening feature ‘dad’. Tears and tender moments.  There is something about this date that screams “AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL”.   It’s also made me like Shaggy Ben a lot more, and I really like him and Kacie B together.  Let’s stop this madness now, the two of them get hitched.

Kacie B gets a rose.

Who am I kidding I want more!

Back at the funny farm the next date card arrives

Group Date:  Brittany, Rachel, Jennifer, Emily, Jenna, Shawn, Monica, Samantha,  Nicki, Jaclyn and Blakeley

The girls are beside themselves with joy!

For the Group Date the girls get to perform in a play written by children.  Nice touch.  It’s all very PG except when Blakely auditions and practically falls out of her easy to fall out of get up.  The kids are traumatize, no time for that the show must go on.

Maybe I was wrong about this season, it is all seeming a little Mayberry. Ben, kids, small town.  The only thing out of place are the women in their inappropriate outfits.

Wait … wait … wait.


Phew … I was getting worried.

The two girls that didn’t get to kiss Ben in the play pull him aside and get a peck on the cheek.  Don’t see these two going very far.

Blakely is as popular as the clap.  The girls all hate her, which means Ben will love her.

As the girls get drunker and change into their bikinis, Ben takes Jennifer for a private dip.  They kiss.  Jennifer falls instantly in love.  This will not end well.  Mark my words.

Next into the make out pool is Blakely.  I think she may be in her own private porn movie.  Blakely is not short on confidence.  She attacks Benny Boo Boo.  Ben now thinking with little Ben gives Blakely the rose for her performance.

Blakely gets a rose


Next date cards arrives …

One-on-one date: Courtney

I am falling asleep at this point.  I’ll make this brief.  Ben thinks Courtney is perfection.  I think Courtney was abducted by aliens and they replaced her with a duller than dish water robot.  Ben is goo goo gaga over her, the mother ship wants it’s fembot back.

Courtney gets a rose


The cocktail party!

Benny Bear tries to spend quality time with the girlies he didn’t take on a date.  Blakely has different plans and busts in.  The girls lose their minds.  All of them.  Even the ones I have never seen before. The aliens have powered down Courtney for the night, she is safe no point expending energy at this point.  I don’t think she is the one for Benny, but the fembot is growing on me … take me to your leader.

Blogger who was the main character in last week, finally makes her appearance, confides in Ben then gets interrupted by one of the blondes.  She retreats back to the house, finds a bed and starts crying.  Not to out done, Blakeley starts to cry.  Well, she crawls into a corner in the luggage room and makes sobbing noises.  Strangely when Ben finds her, her make up is perfect.  Ben fells terrible for Blakeley having to hide in the corner.  Ben then finds the blogger in bed, he pulls her up and brings her back to the party!  Blakeley’s plan is much more successful, Ben falls for it.

Ben has now turned from bachelor to counsellor.  He must have given the ‘what the hell’ signal, cause Chris Harrison appears and hasn’t even had time to put his drink down.

Harrison. Here to save the day. Woot!

Rose and heart break time!

Jennifer, Emily,  Elise, Jaclynm,  someone, Erika, Rachel,  Impress rose girl, Nicki, Kacie S, Samantha, Monica, Jamie


Harrison sets his drinkie down long enough to say … Ladies this is the final rose.


Blogger is sent home … walling.  hugging herself.  No sign of the limo, she is either stuck in the house in the cast off room, or the limo driver had to stop for extra tissues and valium.  They really had no choice but to send her home, there is no way they could keep her hydrated.

Next San Francisco!

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