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… the bachelor

by Ali on January 5, 2012

The Bachelor is back!  For those of you not familiar with the shows concept, it’s a reality show about the quest for fame, I mean true love.

I think the show has finally realized they have no chance what so ever of finding a love match that can last beyond 3 people magazine covers.  They are forging ahead with what they do best, a travel show for crazy people.

Ben was the heart-broken jilted runner up on last season’s the bachelorette.
Ben is a super nice guy, but he is not a Bob or a Brad. If it was just him and nice women, it would be a bit dull.   So … in order to make for interesting viewing (top priority for show)  they have upped the level of crazy, unstable, long-haired, fame seeking women quota this time around.  Ben is a very luck boy!
Here we go … 
The new more complete Ben is back after having his heart broken by Ashley.  He has opened up to friends, grown and is ready to juggle 25 attention seeking women, but he didn’t get a haircut.
So far this season, all 2 minutes has cost me $9.99.  I used Shazam to ‘name that tune’ … The song playing when shaggy ben arrives is This Years Love by David Gray … Just bought the album.
CHRIS HARRISON!  Fresh from his mystic tan session.
A few personal profiles of the ladies … there is the horse rider, dumped by text, the model (looking for love not fame), the nurse, the Brit, the analysis, the mom, the divorcee, the baconator,  the blogger
… okay, maybe the budget ran out, or these are going to be the main players characters?
Shaggy arrives, the driveway has been freshly washed or incredibly shiny.   The  pre-game chat with CH, they should do this at the bar, couple beers and a bowl of peanuts … then chest bump
First batch arrive …
Awkward moments outside, bitchy moments inside … Oh how I’ve missed this show.
Miss Pacific Palisade is wearing her sash … Bless her!
Ben “I’m loving the brunettes” … and grandmas, the girls not loving Grammy so much.
One girl has brought her grandma along, to show her love for family, cute.  Grammy gets upstaged by a horse as the last of our hopefuls trots in.
Once Ben joins them inside, the ladies start to earn their spots on the crazy train.  I can’t even keep track .. but two ladies find love with each other, cat fights, general bitchy behaviour, confrontations, failed mediations, flirting, crying, break downs etc etc…
Nut job short list …
The Brit (sent home)
the analysis
the blogger
Fame whore short list ….
The model
The blogger Jenna who had trouble string a coherent sentence together from the beginning, breaks down, loses it completely.
Obviously, Ben kept her.
The model.
The one everyone is going to hate, and Ben will keep around til the end … I guarantee it!
Favourite quotes
The next time I get married it will be forever … And you are on the bachelor?
Did you watch?

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