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… bag full of monkeys

by Ali on August 16, 2011

a few weeks ago I got a message from the amazing hip the conversation went something like this …

AH: I have a Prada bag, would you like it?

ME: This sounds like a trick, what’s the catch?

AH: Nothing, just thought you would like it

ME: I would!  Thanks … but I still think a monkey is going to be involved

AH: Should I send it to your work or home?

ME: Work, the receptionist can deal with the monkey

AH: package on it’s way to America’s hat.


It arrived today.  I open it and see this!

Beautiful!  LOVE IT

Then I unzip my new Prada-bit-of-wonderful

The bag is full of monkeys!  I haven’t laugh so hard in a very long time.

This one is my favourite, I am calling him Jeff.

Thanks Hipster

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