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… snug as a bug

by Ali on July 10, 2011

The big work project was launched on Monday.  It is a success and only a few teething issues, mostly due to Mr Gates’ we will fix that in the next version if we remember Internet Explore.  I was hoping life would dramatically slow down once the project went live, like someone hit the easy button, or slammed on the brakes.  Not so much.  Probably hasn’t helped that I booked the painter to come Wednesday and paint the living room, dining room, halls and entrance. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday evening prepping and moving furniture.  Then all night Wednesday cleaning and putting it back together.

Here’s the entrance hall.  With a splash of RED.

The walls were previously all a peanut butter beige, this time I went with Monroe Bisque (sounds lovely) a beige with less yellow and a few shades lighter put two accent walls in deep red.

So the week just kinda flew by, because of the painter arriving early I had to miss my Wendesday AM run, but when one door shuts … As luck would have it, I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday, she has just started running in the morning for 30 minutes, she live 1.5k from me!  I arranged to join her Friday AM

I dragged myself out of bed at 5:45am, I mean dragged, I was as snug as Tallula looks here.

I ran from home to her place, then we did 30 minutes together around her neighbourhood selecting the best garden designs, potential shrubs worth stealing and Big Brother!  Then I left her and ran home.

Perfect start to a Friday!

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