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… sunday

by Ali on July 3, 2011

…. easy like sunday mornin’

do you see or maybe hear a theme in the last three posts?  can you name those tunes?

Met the group at the north end of town this morning at 8am.  The group gets bigger every week, maybe they heard this week there would be awesome waterstops and hot chicks dishing out candy, ice cold gatorade and cold sponges!  Thanks N and L!

… another 10k this morning, but the heat was on from the beginning. It was tough and not pretty.  We had JJ running with G and I, he is talking training plans and races. G might take out a hit on him.

After the run on the way to work (cue violins) I stopped at starbucks for the best breakfast ever (at least today).

chocolate and banana smoothie and a tall misto americano

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