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… business meeting on the run

by Ali on June 26, 2011

WORKOUT: 11k run with G – masonville

I felt a thousand times better this morning … no exaggeration.  I slept, drank lots of water and did a whole lot of nothing yesterday.  It seemed to work.  This morning I drove up to the north end of town to meet G and a new group that runs on Sundays.  The group is lead by Brandon Laan, a local runner who is amazingly talented and passionate about running.  He is trying to qualify for the olympics and just ran a 2:21 marathon in Ottawa last month.  Brandon puts on two runs a week, Sunday long and Wednesday evening interval/core training, plus he volunteers his time and provides a waterstop for us on Saturdays.  His energy and attitude are very motivational.

G and I did an extremely hill 11k.  It was a bit tough but overall a great run.  One of the reasons I like running with G is his business mind,  it gives the opportunity to talk out all the work stuff in my head without boring someone to death, plus he offers advice and agrees with me sometimes (okay that’s really what I like).  One topic regularly on our running agenda is customer service or relationship building.  As this is a major part of my job I like to know what other companies are doing well and not doing well.  This lead us to brand or company loyalty ….

Are you loyal to a local or specific company/brand?  What makes you loyal to that brand … service, quality, relationship?

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kristen 06.27.11 at 10:03 am

Costa del mar sunglass. Quality of lense is beyond anything I’ve ever worn. I will never go to any other sunglass brand.

Also I think most women are pretty loayal to thier hair stylist. (at least I am) When I have to switch (for reasons beyond my control usually – they quit, salon moves, I move, etc) it usually akes a few new stylist tries before I find another that I stick with. For me, it’s always about all three with hairstylists.

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