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… episode 8

by Ali on February 23, 2011

So this week I did watch.  I’ll be honest, after not subjecting myself to it last week, it was a struggle to do it this week.  I feel like I was given freedom, released without parole, and now they are sending me back to the big house.

But it’s meet the family week … how could I not tune in .. really???  So here is the condensed version

First up ….

Chantal – Seattle
Brad loves this city, he could really see himself  here.
Lucky for him, it’s happy Chantal this week.  She takes him to her house, meets her dog and then to her parents mansion.  I think this was all staged, she hired all of it, the fabulous homes, perfect pets and botoxed family.

I call Bullshit!

Ashley – Maine
Brad loves this city, he could really see himself  here.
Is Ashley getting smaller (shorter)?   Besides for shorter, Ashley is adorable.  Her family are the happiest family in all of the enchanted world.  Seriously, they all popped some happy pills and washed them down with a gallon of red bull.  They just seem more like brother/sister to me … do you see them together?

Shawntel – A mausoleum
Brad loves this city, he could really see himself  here (in the afterlife).

The fact that Braddie didn’t pass out during this date, is shocking, but I suspect he will need a few session with Dr Jamie to fully recover.   Once you pretend to embalm you date you can never go back.  That was the highlight of the visit.  Shawntel wants to flee the family business and Brad is her ticket outta town.  Dad is not having it, but gives his blessing while cursing Brad.

Emily – Charolotte
Brad loves this city, he could really see himself  here.
Southern Belle brings mini belle.  Brad loves her, mini belle takes a while to warm up, she is either not sure about the bachelor or the 12 crew and cameras following her around, I think it’s Brad.  The date is fairy tale perfect.  Until Southern Belle gets horny and Brad finds some morals.

… Rose Ceremony

Chris and Brad talk, I think they really bonded on the island, I imagine many late night deep conservations over free rum cocktails with these two.

Shawntel is sent home.  No shocker there.

Next week, fantasy suite time … which means SEX!

Before tonights show, my money was on Emily and then Chantal.  After tonight I think I am going all in on the guy Chantal hired to be her dad, Brad has the best connection with him.

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kristen 02.23.11 at 4:31 pm

I agree. Chantal. And Southern Belle annoys the shit out of me. I hate people who are too nice. And she wears too much make up. Of course, they all do for the show, but hers is VISIBLY too much.

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