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… episode 6

by Ali on February 7, 2011

Tonight it’s therapy in Costal Rica!

Opening scene … a helicopter!  It’s a big budget for Brad this time around.

Brad has some tough decisions to make tonight.  He is emotionally invested.  It is all weighing very heavily on his heart.  Yeah yeah … helicopter!

I foresee girls gone wild in Costa Rica or maybe girls go crazy for all little baddie braddie.

The girls arrives, hugs from Brad, bet he learned that in therapy.

Costa Rica is beautiful, what are the chances that someone on one of these shows has stuck around not for love but for the fabulous holiday location?  Obviously none of these girls, but odds are someone has done it at sometime.

Chantel gets the one on one date!  Close your eyes hold on tight love is in the air tonight!

Michelle turns four shades of green, but knows she must be patient and hopes Chantal gets eaten by monkeys or apes.  Cover all bases girl.

Chantal gets ready while freaking out.  Brad picks her up for their adventure and they fly of in a …. yes … helicopter!

Wait it gets better … they are going zip lining.  An okay second date I guess, he could have made a bit more of an effort.  I swear this is why these relationship don’t work (that and it’s a reality tv show) but really,  when you start your normal life and are standing in the video store picking a movie, you are just getting a movie with guy who has needed a lot of therapy.  Reality check.

The date is going great.  Brad could hang out with Chantal every day.  Just walking on the ocean floor, driving nascars in vegas, zip lining in Costa Rica, you know just hanging out.

Another date card arrives … loves springs eternal – Shawntel, Britt, Ashley, Michelle, Emily, Jackie … that means Alli gets the other one on one.

Alli is thrilled, Michelle moves up to a new level of crazy.

Back to Chantel and Brad, it rains.  Every time they are together it rains, like the sky is crying, or Michelle has a direct line to Mother Nature.  Michelle is happy it’s raining.  But Brad has a way for making rain into a soft porn scene.  Obviously, Chantal can’t hang in her wet clothes so she changes into the only thing available, one of Brad’s straight jackets … I mean white shirts.  Brad can’t concentrate on anything.  He brings in the rose, I think he is hoping for a peak under the shirt in exchange for the rose.

Make out scene … Chantal will you except this rose?  Of course she does.  Do you think they edit out the scenes where Brad is interesting and you would want to except the rose?

Chantal is in love.

Commercials … they keep showing the trailer for The Roommate the thriller about a crazy girl roommate … hmmmm

Speaking of Michelle, it’s time for Group date!

The girls and Brad are going to repel down a waterfall.  Jackie is afraid of heights.  Michelle is pissed.  He made a packed with her on their one on one date not to repel with anyone else.  She might kill him to stop their pack being broken.  To late Shawntel leaps off the waterfall.  Emily then Ashely prove they are adventurous.  Michelle is seething.  Jackie afraid for her life, faces her fear and repels.  Michelle notes how dramatic Jackie is.  Annoying to watch isn’t it Michelle! Michelle beats on Brad, he shows the crazy lady some attention and it’s like her medicated levels are back to or as close to normal as they can get.

Group date follows it’s natural path … water, booze and bikinis. If it ain’t broke …

Brad pull Jackie aside, he realizes she is jealous of crazy ass Michelle, he tries to make her feel better.

Date Card for Alli … meet me at the Alter

The girls are really beginning to annoy Michelle.  Beginning?

Southern Belle with side braid is talking to Brad and admits she sabotages relationships, Brad is worried but there is no phone to call Dr Jamie, so he kisses her to stop the deep conversation.  He is worried he will get hurt.

While in the hot tube with crazy Michelle the girls in the house find a bug and scream.  The timing is perfect, like a the voices in Michelle’s head start using their outside voice.  Michelle starts an argument with Brad.  She doesn’t like Chantal and tells Brad he shouldn’t pick her.  He doesn’t like this, but likes her.

Time for the rose.  The rose is a big deal to Brad.  Tonight he is not going to hand out a rose.  Slap in the face.  He says he is giving a rose to the women he sees a future with.  Which is apparently none of these women.  ha … nice move Bster!  If I was one of those ladies, I would storm off screaming I didn’t want your crappy rose anyway, where’s the bar?

Alli’s one on one date.

She looks forward to coming back with that glow they other girls have had …. hmmmm

Transportation budget was used up in the first 10 minutes, helicopter, then truck now donkeys.

So what is the alter?  Alli thinks it’s something to do with marriage. I think it is something to do with sacrifice.

They go into a cave.  It’s dark and dangerous … again fearfactor.  Maybe he just wants to end up with whoever survives.

BATS!  Bats every where.

Brad is going to protect her.  I wish I wish he would have said protect and guard her heart.

Deep in the cave through a waterfall they make it to the alter, it’s a natural stone stair case.  They picnic.

Later outside the cave they have dinner.  Chicken.  That’s kinda the way their date is going.  Plain, boring, and not memorable.  They are making small talk.  Just like the date the dinner table starts to sink.  Probably the highlight of the night.  Not going well.  Will she get a rose.

The girls vote on if she is coming back or not … they don’t think she will come back tonight.

Brad looks uncomfortable.  He is setting the scene for sending her home, she tells him she could spend every day with him, not where he was going.  He only sees them as friends.  She doesn’t get the rose.

Alli gets picked up in a cab, hopefully she has money to pay for it.  Her bags get collected and will be dropped off somewhere in the middle of the jungle.

Knock at Brad’s door.  Who is it?

Did someone call room service and ask for a large order of crazy with a side of insane?

It’s Michelle!

She just wants to see him.  He says it’s a nice surprise, in that finding your bunny in a pot of boiling water type way.

He is visibly uncomfortable.  I say he should have sex with her.  Why not, might loosen him up a little.  She misses him, and he misses her badly .. has she slipped him something.

She tells him he made the right decision sending Alli home, and he should send Chantal home next.  Besides for the unstable mindset, Michelle is the girl who hates on all the other girls.  She is the whole package.

Michelle leaves happy confident Brad loves her.  Brad bolts the door and calls security.

Cocktail Party

Rough week, a lot of things to sort out, sending Alli home.  He really does care so dam much.

There has been little to no mention of therapy this week.  This is very disappointing.  Instead I have improvised.  Whenever Brad talks and doesn’t make eye contact I take a swig of gin.

Time with Southern Belle.  He is scared of her.  She feels like a big idiot.  She tells him she cares a lot, and he wants her to feel comfortable.  She needs his help.  He wants to help.  Damsel in distress.

Time with Michelle.  You. Are. Scaring. Me.  Well put Brad.  Run for your life.  Michelle turns the tables.  Thanks him and tells him he said Chantal is wrong for him and she didn’t want to talk about the other girls.  Well played crazy bitch.  She is crying and playing the vulnerable card.  Brad is being out played.  He doesn’t know what to do.  I hope he doesn’t send her home, she is worth keeping for entertainment.  I could see her sneaking into Chantal’s room and cutting her hair off.

Michelle comes back and says it went great.  She doesn’t know if she is crazy or doesn’t understand the way he communicates.  You. Are. Scaring. Me. I don’t know what that means either.

Time with Shawntel.  She tries to get him to relax.  She wants to play the silence game.   He doesn’t look like he wants to play.  They stare each other down.  The attacks with a kiss.  Brad wins the silence game.  He kisses her again to silence her.  Shawntel will get a rose. Well played S.

Confrontation with girls and Michelle.  Showdown.  Michelle confesses she went over to Brad’s last night.  I don’t want you to think I was talking about you guys because I wouldn’t.  Absolutely, until they see the footage.

Time with Chantal.  Chantal tells Brad she has fallen in love with him after two dates.  He asks why.  She stopped worry about herself and started thinking about him.  Brad seems ecstatic I think his eyebrow twitched.

Enter Chris!  I was worried they didn’t bring him to Costa Rica.  Phew.  He looks tanned, he’s had a little beach time.

Only one girl is going home.  I think it is going to be Jackie or maybe Michelle, but Michelle is to obvious.

Ashley gets the first rose.  Accepted.

Emilly gets number two.  Accepted

Britt (I forget she was still here) get the third. Accepted

Shawntel gets the fourth.  Accepted

the suspense … Chris … ladies, Brad this is the final rose tonight.

Michelle!  gets the final rose.  Crazy wins again.  Woo Hoo!

Jackie is dropped off in the middle of the jungle to be eaten by monkey and apes.

til next week in ….  Anguilla

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