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finding my way

by Ali on January 28, 2015

I’ve tried to train on my own.  For a while I actually believed I would do it. Mostly while sitting on the sofa, drinking a glass of wine on a Sunday night planning my week.  To my credit, I was very consistent with the sofa, wine and planning.  The running however was minimal.  The winter arrived and minimal was downgraded to none existent.

I joined a 5/10k running group last week.  Turns out paying to run has brought back my motivation.

On Monday night we had a 5k route.  There was a group of 6 of us, all faster than me. I am overjoyed to run without stopping even if it is ridiculously slow.  We headed out.  They soon pulled away.  About 2.5k into the run I notice up ahead some runners heading south through the intersection.  Less than a minute later another group headed through the same intersection heading north.  I thought how great it was to see so many runner out on this frigid cold and dark night.  I crossed the intersection when I heard some runners behind me.  It was my group.  My faster than me group. Turns out they were the same runners that I had seen heading south, then north and now east.   They were lost 🙂



Was I just talking about how I was going to post more often?   That’s funny.  Because … well I’m not.

So here’s a little recap

Last week ran 3 times and bootcamp 4 times.  I hurt.  My lower back feels like it is made of concrete.  I got a deep tissue massage on Friday, which helped, but my ass is now bruised.

Sunday morning met G for a run, which ended up being longer than normal to detour for a coffee.  I had $5 in my pocket, was tired and when I suggested we stop for coffee mid run G looked like he had won the lottery.

I love coffee.

I got a free 3 month membership to campus rec ages ago.  Actually so long ago, it’s taken me weeks to find the voucher.  I finally activated it so I could use the pool. A little paddle training  … one month til SURF CAMP!!!

Good times @ Swell Surf Camp from Swell Surf Camp on Vimeo.


… reason 87

by Ali on January 22, 2012

It has been a very bad running week.  House guests, snow storms, head cold, the usual excuses.

I had arranged to meet G this morning for a run, and no matter what I was going.  I awoke at 7am with a pounding headache, congestion and wanting nothing more than to stay in bed forever.  I got my coffee and crawled back into bed.  My eyelids felt like sandpaper.  Why is bed the coziest when you have to leave it?

I was meeting G at 8:30, I finally threw back the covers and got my ass out of bed at 8:12.

It was cold but sunny, and just as we were ready to start along came P and S, we did the first half of our run with them.  All the chatting and catching up interrupting my scheduled whining and complaining, and by the time we were half done, I was feeling somewhat human.

Reason 87 why I love running, when you feel better than when you started


… it’s hot

how hot is it? the temps outside last week were hotter than Now that is hot! Last week the temps soared to oven like conditions, they didn’t drop much at night.  It was a struggle to do anything.  I worked up a sweat just drying myself after a shower.  A lot of time spent indoors. […]

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… it was a scorcher

G is away this weekend, he normally provides the waterstop for our Saturday Group  long runs.  This week I was bestowed the privilege and secret recipe on how to make super cold, not to strong, perfectly delicious gatorade. I arrived at 7.30am Saturday morning and set the waterstop. I was in the shade, although only for […]

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… snug as a bug

The big work project was launched on Monday.  It is a success and only a few teething issues, mostly due to Mr Gates’ we will fix that in the next version if we remember Internet Explore.  I was hoping life would dramatically slow down once the project went live, like someone hit the easy button, […]

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… sunday

…. easy like sunday mornin’ do you see or maybe hear a theme in the last three posts?  can you name those tunes? Met the group at the north end of town this morning at 8am.  The group gets bigger every week, maybe they heard this week there would be awesome waterstops and hot chicks […]

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… friday

friday friday, gotta get down on Friday … Canada Day … no work! The day started out with a 10k run with G.  The first 7k were great, perfect weather, then suddenly at 7.1k someone turned the heat on.  I felt like we were ants being sizzled with a magnifying glass. Sweatfest was followed by […]

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… business meeting on the run

WORKOUT: 11k run with G – masonville I felt a thousand times better this morning … no exaggeration.  I slept, drank lots of water and did a whole lot of nothing yesterday.  It seemed to work.  This morning I drove up to the north end of town to meet G and a new group that […]

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… this week

in my unbalanced running world … Saturday – great 10k run Sunday – no running, but a great day with Dad! Monday – 8k run with G, after that run, my evening was productive, relaxing and non stressful even with all talk about BENTLEY!!! Tuesday – Planned to go to the gym at lunch, got […]

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