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… m’s belated bday dinner

my bff M delayed her birthday dinner 6 weeks since I have been busy with work.  Isn’t she sweet … actually she works with me, I think she is just plain smart.  Spending all day with stressed busy Ali, probably spending another few hours with me, alcohol and sharp utensils wouldn’t be a celebration We dined […]

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… build it and she might blog

yet another reason for my dismal performance as a blogger of recent was the computer situation.  Yes, I did buy every Apple product available a couple weeks ago … but Matty the 27″ iMac didn’t have a home.  Since I’ve had a laptop for the last 5 years I did away with my desk at […]

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… meet the family

I’ve been computerless for a week at home.  Thank god for the iphone that has saved me from living in the middle ages.  I used to have a macbook, iphone and ipod, we were very happy … until I came home late last Tuesday.  Tallula the cat suffers from anxiety.  She is happy to be […]

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… mom’s day

I gave my mom a few options on how she would like to celebrate being a great mom.  Dinner out, dinner made by me, brunch, spa day, shopping in the states, or something she had in mind.  She opted for shopping across the border … my mom loves to shop, she can spend hours, understatement, […]

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… birthday treats

WORKOUT: 6am run with G, weights at the gym at lunch I know twice in one day! … I think I am trying to get all my workouts for the week done in one day. At work we celebrate everyone birthday with a treat, bought, made or stolen by the previous b-day person.  So mine […]

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… pomp and circumstance

Today …. … every girl wants to be her.  Horse drawn carriage, a prince, and unlimited wedding budget for a fairly tale wedding … and … every guy wants to be him.  Single, title, privileged, carefree and at least for today the most eligible bachelor on the plant

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… morning

WORKOUT: Monday –  upper body weights At this moment, right now, this is my favourite thing in the world.  I would kill to protect it … at least the contents.  I love a great mug, almost as much as I love my morning coffee.  I got this mug on Saturday at a cute little gift […]

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… a break

from what you might ask … posting? running?  cause I haven’t been doing much of either.  Now it’s just official.  This way I don’t feel the agonizing guilty of not doing it. Things will be quiet until April 1st. This will give me plenty of time to prepare for my interview for my new internship […]

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… a guilty pleasure

Sunday nights …. Along with sex and violence the dialogue and wardrobe are the highlight of the show … oh and storyline 🙂

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… i ran

WORKOUT: 4 miles in icy and snow – 45 minute spin class I’m trying to embrace the season, I am up to 3 vitamin D pills a day.  Now that I am a sagittarius I don’t want to constantly whine about runs and the weather, that was the old capricorn Ali. ….. silence I really […]

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