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… i won’t be in today

WORKOUT – ran 4 miles 37 ish minutes I set the alarm yesterday morning for 5.50am to run before work.  Didn’t happen.  I didn’t even bother with snooze when the piercing noise interrupted my blissful slumber.  I turned it off. I tried again this morning.  Success.  The breeze blowing in the bedroom window felt fall […]

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… friday funny

If you are a graphic designer, or not a cat lover, you’ll love this … if you are a non-creative cat lover, you’ll probably wonder why I am titling this friday funny. Shannon (the secretary) has lost her cat and has asked David (the graphic designer) to help with a lost poster. This is their […]

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… sweaty mess

WORKOUT: 4 miles – 38 minutes – sweat – 3.9 litres There were a bunch of emails filling up my inbox yesterday afternoon, making plans to run 7ish miles in 100 degree temperature.  I quickly filed these in a folder called ‘trash‘.  Sometime between email one and email two I made the decision not to […]

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… toning it down

Speedwork Tuesday nights is becoming an epic event in my week.  The track is located on the opposite side of the city.  A city where the roads are either under construction, has a train crossing or everyone has decided to pick the same one as their route home. So, either I stay at work an […]

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… the bachelorette

she is blonde and called Ali, which in my world equates to practically perfect!  Since we are hair and name twins, I wonder if we have the same taste in men? Frank gets the first date.  I liked Frank right away, he’s got funky glasses, combat jacket and sense of humour.  I have high hopes […]

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… it’s not the heat

WORKOUT: 3 miles AM, 4 miles PM Somebody turned the heat on.  It’s gone from mild spring like weather to an inferno in one day. With the heat comes humidity, which means sweaty runs or cancelled runs.  I decided to get up early and run before work.  It was already warm at 6.30am, but the […]

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… captured

they might not have physically been with me this weekend, but there were some familiar faces in the race pack this weekend. This is the Detroit Marathon promotional postcard for the 2011 marathon that was included in the race kit for the Mississauga Marathon the girls … … and it’s not the first time remember […]

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… withdrawal

it’s been brought to my attention my increased referencing of alcohol. Really?  Hiccup Okay I said I wanted to drink tequila from a hose, who doesn’t on Friday.  I never mentioned to anyone, the Baileys I put in my coffee each morning.  And I may on occasion swallow a tiny bit of mouthwash when I […]

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… sales

WORKOUT: 7 miles – 64 minutes Great run last night after work.  The temperature was a little cool, have I mentioned recently I miss the island.  Once we got going it felt good.  Best of all no knee issues at all. Then when I got home, I got this text from a friend.  She had […]

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… there’s an app for that

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