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… irish broth

I’m not actually sure what to call this soup, everyone I know who makes it refers to it simply as Soup.  My mom makes it every week, growing up it was usually dinner on a Monday night, while I lived in Ireland with my Aunt, it was a staple on Saturdays.  I make it a […]

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… leftovers

make great quesadillas Use anything you have on hand, bbq steak or chicken, round up steak, veggies, add a little cheese and grill to perfection.    

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… milk calendar tomato soup

For you non Canadian readers, I don’t know if you get a Milk Calendar, but that’s where this recipe came from.  Every year in December the Dairy people distribute a calendar in the local paper.  It has 12 recipes that use, you guessed it, milk. One of the things I liked best about this soup […]

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… date and walnut bars

S sent me a link to a thai coconut chicken soup recipe that uses fish sauce.  We both have bottles of fish sauce we bought for one recipe that calls for 2 tbsp, and almost an entire bottle of fish sauce left wondering what to do with it.  You are probably wondering why I am […]

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… pan seared halibut with a red curry sauce

The other day while wandering aimlessly around the grocery store I spotted a microwave ready made dinner that sounded delicious.  I never buy microwave dinners, they don’t appeal to me, mainly because I like to cook but also they aren’t good for you. But it did look good, so I decided to try and recreate […]

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… white bean and swiss chard soup

I love soup all year round, in winter, especially the type we are experiencing at the moment I like something hearty and rich. This is just the soup. It’s from Williams-Sonoma Soup recipe book … I know not a Jamie Oliver recipe … what is going on! INGREDIENTS (MAKES 6 SERVINGS) 1 cup canned navy […]

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… round up steak

So it stopped snowing yesterday, and started again today, with some rain and freezing rain thrown in so we won’t get bored. This cold, wintry weather is the perfect time to get out my trusty $10 crockpot.  Again I didn’t really follow a recipe, but I tried to measure everything (I didn’t really, I am […]

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… pumpkin loaf

We had a bake sale at work to benefit United Way.  I made this Pumpkin Loaf from a recipe I found online, altered it slightly by using apple sauce instead of oil, and increased the spices, cause I like it a little more spicy! Pumpkin Loaf 2 cups pumpkin puree 2 cups white sugar 1 […]

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… pumpkin bread pudding

Normally I just show up for Thanksgiving at my parents house, with a bouquet of flowers in an array autumn hues and a healthy appetite. This year, I made dessert. More impressive, a dessert that isn’t banana bread, the only recipe in my dessert repertoire. I saw this, and instantly wanted some. Really anything pumpkin […]

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… asparagus soup

I love soup. Like The Situation loves attention. If you haven’t noticed I am also a little in like with Jamie Oliver’s recipes. His recipes are simple, easy to follow, and so far have never gone wrong. creamy asparagus soup with a poached egg on toast 800g asparagus, woody ends removed olive oil 2 medium […]

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